Online Hosting & Mobile App

Online wedding gallery

You can view your personal wedding photography gallery in the brand-new client section online at any time. Shortly after your wedding, you will receive an email letting you know that your photos are edited and ready for you to view and download. In the email you will find a link to your personal gallery where the images will be displayed in a beautiful and simple layout. Here you can browse through the high-quality images, mark your favourites and find links to share images with friends and family on social media and email.

Full Quality Downloads With No Watermark

You can download all your images from your gallery in their maximum quality, your photos will never be watermarked, and you will have full permissions to publish your images across social media and the web, and of course print your images to display your beautiful memories. There is an easy to find download link at the top of the gallery, or on each individual image, this will guide you through the process. There is no limit to how many times you can download your images. You can even download directly to Dropbox or Google Drive.

example of online wedding photography gallery
example of online wedding photography gallery

Password Protected Privacy

The privacy and security of your images matters, your photos are you own, so your gallery is protected. Viewing your wedding gallery is password protected, only you will receive this password in a direct email, this will be your unique access to view your images. For an extra layer of security, downloading images from your gallery is protected by an additional four-digit pin.

Sharing this password and pin with friends and family is the an easy way to give them access to your gallery and share your images. You can decide who to share both the password and pin with, so you can limit who can view and who can download the images. 

Keep your password and pin safe, but should you ever lose or forget it, we are always happy to help you with a new one. If you alert us that you might have overshared, then we can change the password and pin for you, this will remove access for everyone, but we cannot get back images that might have already been downloaded. 

Secure Online Storage & Protected Backups

You can decide how long you require access to your online gallery. Your online gallery will be available for 6 months following your wedding, should you want the gallery to stay online a little longer, we would be happy to keep hosting your images for as long as you want for an additional monthly or annual fee.

Whilst we all try and keep our data safe and backed up, this isn’t always convenient or manageable and sometimes the worst happens, and you lose images. Keeping a back-up copy online not only gives you instant access to view your photos from almost anywhere with a web browser, but it also protects them should anything happen to your existing downloaded copies, you can simply download them again!

Due to the extraordinary size of modern digital images and the high associated costs of storing them, images are not usually stored for longer than the time requested by each client, and are regularly deleted, so this is the only way to ensure you have a separate backup of your images outside of your own copies.

example of online phone wedding photography gallery application

Wedding Gallery Phone App

Get access to the brand-new personalised mobile app service. For an additional one-off fee, you can now receive, in addition to your online gallery, a personal gallery app for your iOS or Android phone. Personalised with your name and picture on the app icon, this app will allow you to quickly open up your photos straight from your home screen, browse through all your images, and quickly show friends and family your images while you are on the go. You can also mark your favourites for easy organisation in a separate tab and easily share the images with built in email and social media tools. After the initial one-off payment, your app will be available to you for as long as your image gallery is hosted online (see above). Please ask to see the demo app in action at your consultation, or we can send an example app to your phone for you to test out.